Dave Butler's web addresses have changed as of November 2012

My new address

Please visit my new web home at http://dbut.net/

My old address

My most recent web address was http://www.dbut.net/geocities/ (formerly at http://www.geocities.com/dbut53). That page, Dave Butler's Rainforest Cottage at Geocities is now at http://dbut.net/geocities/old.html

Other addresses at that site have not changed. My Band-in-a-Box and MIDI music sequencing files from 1996 are available from the dbut midi page at http://dbut.net/geocities/music.htm.

Older addresses

My Geocities page was originally hosted at geocities.com, which was bought up by Yahoo and eventually phased out. My geocities address was originally http://geocities.com/rainforest/vines/2710/ then changed to http://geocities.com/dbut53/

My first web site at Voicenet http://www.voicenet.com/~dbut/ is where I posted my MIDI and other music files in 1996.

Contact me

Email me: dbutmusic@dbut.net